My  IT skills and typing are not good, and Karen has helped me enormously with tabulating , lay out , and general secretarial problems. She has also helped me with the Internet and modern communications.

I have learnt a tremendous amount and Karen has been a most patient and competent tutor. I have found her to be totally reliable and of a friendly and helpful disposition.

David Huxley                                                                             15/03/2018



I have line managed Karen for 3 years. Her work ethic is impeccable, she is excellent at handling websites, working with spreadsheets, taking minutes and handling sensitive issues confidentially.

For two years Karen took minutes at the Cumbria Contest Board, which brings together the County Council and the Police to look at counter-terrorism. These meetings were chaired by the CEO of the County Council, and included highly sensitive material relating to public safety and ongoing criminal investigations.

Karen has also taken minutes at staff disciplinary hearings, and other sensitive meetings between employers and staff, when an accurate record has been vital.

Karen also has good experience in handling data and complex information relating to a large organisation and would be perfectly suited to working with businesses of all kinds, especially where they have a need to have some assistance in data processing and report writing.

I have complete trust in Karen’s integrity, her professionalism, and her capacity for work.

Joel Rasbash
Strategic Policy Advisor
Cumbria County Council



It has been an honour and real pleasure working with Karen in the time that I spent working on the Policy Team as Policy Officer.

As an ex-personal assistant to a local authority director and managing director of a building contractor, I see many valuable qualities that are exemplary to the role, and evident in Karen’s practice.

Karen demonstrates all of the following:

– Integrity
– Reliability
– Dependability
– Trustworthy in matters that require the highest discression
– Very high standards in presentation of work
– Exceptional organisation skills
– Excellent attention to detail
– Quiet but steadfast confidence
– Wonderful, friendly and positive personality
– Effortlessly develops effective working relationships with teams
– Effective networking skills and partnership building capability
– Excellent communication skills in writing, face to face and via telephone
– Thorough and concise project management skills, relentlessly oversees projects to successful completion
– Thrives on challenge and enjoys taking a hands on approach
– Strong, level headed and inspirational outlook that is often overlooked and not appreciated because it often isn’t shared
– Subtle, profound and intuitive intelligence
– Fantastic, sharp and witty sense of humour, essential to any well functioning team

Jane McKeon
Business Support
Resources | Cumbria County Council



I have known Karen Wood for over 15 years in a professional capacity and at no time during that period had I any reason to doubt her undoubted high level of business administration skills and knowledge. Karen is capable of sustained working on multiple tasks and can always be relied upon to deliver projects on time, to high standard and to the specification required.

Bruce Bennison
County Manager
Library Services Review